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Applied Mathematics Seminar (SMAT5220) and Applied Mathematics Seminar for Major Students (SMAT5304)

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The seminars are now arranged by Yury Nikulin ( ). Please, contact him if you have any queries.

Applied Mathematics Seminar (post graduate studies, 4 etc, SMAT5220)

To students: In order to get 4 study points from the seminar you have to attend 10 seminars and give one presentation. This seminar is for postgraduate students only.

The 10 seminars can also include other seminars than applied mathematics seminars. For example there are some optimization related seminars at Åbo Akademi. You should always discuss with Napsu Karmitsa ( ) or Marko Mäkelä ( ) whether a seminar can be included or not. However, the presentation should always be given at applied mathematics seminar at the University of Turku. When you want to give a presentation, please, contact Napsu.

Applied Mathematics Seminar for Major Students (advanced studies, 2 etc, SMAT5304)

To students: In order to get 2 study points from seminars you have to attend 5 seminars and write a learning diary from all of them. The diary may be written either in English or in Finnish and it should be returned to Napsu within one week from the seminar. Instructions for writing the learning diary are given here.

The seminars are mostly the same as the above mentioned applied mathematics seminars. If the seminar can not be included it will be announced in the seminar invitation.

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The seminars will be arranged irregularly (will be announced about week before by email) usually on Fridays at 2 pm. In order to attend either of the seminars and to subscribe to the mailing list, please, fill up the registration form.